UPDATE 1: Mandated Closure Until 4.22.2020

3.23.2020: 1125pm

For Immediate Release from the desk of Dr. Wilson:

Communications Need: ALL staff is working from home during our Mandated Closure. However, our normal staff is available via phone (210-822-7797) or by email (missionorthodontics@yahoo.com) from 8am-8pm 7 days per week. We are still available for each of our patients needs!


As of 3.22.2020, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has mandated that all healthcare professionals that are not treating issues that are severe in nature and potentially life or death situations, those offices need to close until midnight April 21, 2020. As an orthodontist provider, no procedure that we complete with patients reaches the threshold of being able to see patients in our office. This mandate was put in place to limit the Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) utilized outside of hospital settings. The goal is for nearly 100% of PPE being shipped into the state of Texas is reserved for use at the hospitals to help treat patients with COVID-19. Please read proclamation here if you are interested: https://gov.texas.gov/news/post/governor-abbott-issues-executive-order-increasing-hospital-capacity-announces-supply-chain-strike-force-for-covid-19-response.

As of 3.23.2020 at 6pm, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenburg issued a "Shelter in Place" order for the city of San Antonio. With our main office being located in the city of San Antonio, we must abide but this order. By nature of not carrying out life/death emergency procedures, we are prohibited from opening our practice for patients. Please read the Mayor's proclamation here if you are interested: https://www.expressnews.com/news/local/article/Shelter-in-place-order-to-slow-coronavirus-15151183.php. 

For current braces patients: Our scheduling coordinator will be reaching out to you to reschedule your appointment as soon as is feasible after we anticipate being able to reopen. Please be patient with us during this time as we rebuild our schedule having to reschedule over 400 patients with this 4 week closure. Should you have a bracket broken or wire poking, please call our office at 210-822-7797 for our staff to assist you. REMEMBER, we are NOT allowed to meet you at the office to treat you until after April 22, 2020. 

For current Invisalign patients: Our scheduling coordinator will be reaching out to you ASAP to reschedule your Invisalign patients. We had near 150 Invisalign patients affected by this 4 week shutdown. For the vast majority of you, Kevin and I spent hours today dating and packaging new aligners for each of you to be sent through the mail and received by approximately 3.27.2020. The trays have been pre-dated and your next appointment will coincide with what aligners you were sent. PLEASE NOTE: We had to change the interval by which some of you are wearing your aligners so please double-check how I dated your aligners. This was a HUGE task but what we did allows you to continue your treatment will as minimal interruption as possible. WooHoo!!!

In closing, we have huge obstacles in society, in our personal lives and in our business to overcome in the days and weeks ahead. I was greatly empowered today by the commitment and resolve of each of my staff today as we busted our tails to start/finish closing up shop for the next month without leaving our patients to suffer. I truly appreciate my team and could not do what I do without their dedication and hard work. As always, our mission is still:


​~Dr. Wilson

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